Comprehensive Exam

40-60 mins duration

Either Privately or optional upgrade for NHS funded patients (eligibility check)

Our Gold of Standard Examinations. An optimal combination of time, technology and expertise that allows for the most comprehensive of examinations we offer. For those who simply want the most thorough approach, or have specific concerns, complications or specific eye family history.

The fundamentals of your eye examination are explained in more detail above in the “Core Elements of all our examinations” section. The particular upgraded aspects that highlight our COMPREHENSIVE EXAM are shown below:


History & Symptoms

  • Discussion to gather a firm understanding of exam objectives
  • Specific concerns / history / eye complications identified

Internal & external eye inspection

  • Digital video slit lamp external eye exam – demonstrating findings
  • Central detailed DRS retinal images
  • Ultra Widefield Clarus retinal imaging
  • OCT Cirrus examinations, comparative and successive data analysis


  • Refraction using Vision R800 – prescription to 0.01D accuracy

Eye Neurology

  • Visual field exam using Optopol 925

Other investigations

  • IOP – soft puff
  • Pachymetry
  • Keratometry all using Topcon TRK


  • Discuss findings and their relevance
  • Decide on any further in-house investigations
  • Formulate management plan
  • Prescribe, investigate further or refer