Urgent Care

If you have any sudden changes to the way your eyes see or feel, you need to get in touch. When you call the practice one of our team will listen to your concerns – they are all trained to recognise symptoms and signs of the types of conditions that need emergency attention, those which are urgent and need seeing within 24 hours, and those which aren’t quite so worrying. If it’s anything they feel is particularly unusual, they will speak to one of our Optometry Team, and ask us to return a call to you for more information. Sometimes it’s us you need to see, sometimes it’s reassurance. Either way, advice will be clear and appropriate. As we say, your eyes are in safe hands.

As a reminder, our number is 01873 855664

Please find below typical urgent eye-care situations

  1. Sudden Vision Changes: If you experience a sudden, noticeable change in your vision, such as blurriness, double vision, or partial vision loss.
  2. Eye Injury or Trauma: If something has got into your eye and you are not sure if it’s still in there, let us check it out. Likewise if you’ve had a trauma to the eye.
  3. Persistent Eye Pain: Unexplained or persistent eye pain should not be ignored, even if the eye looks OK.
  4. Redness and Irritation: Generally if the white of the eye isn’t, then the eye is telling you it has a problem, and we should take a look. Sometimes this is combined with irritation or swelling.
  5. Sudden Onset of Floaters or Flashes: Does it look like a fly, hair or ‘thing’ is now floating in your vision? Or you’ve noticed a ‘chink’ or flash of light in the side of your vision, sometimes only in low light or darkness? Either way, we should take a look at your retina and check it’s OK.
  6. Contact Lens Issues: Persistent ‘niggle’? Lens not settling? Eye pink or red? Vision more like looking through polythene? Think you have a lens stuck? We should see why.