All Things Glasses

In-house Glazing

We have a fully equipped glazing laboratory, experienced technician and a wide stock of single vision lenses on site. This means that we are able to make up some of the more straightforward prescriptions as glasses on the same day if necessary. It also means that if you really like your existing spectacle frame and would like to re-use it for your new prescription, it’s a possibility. Moreover, you won’t need to be without your glasses to do this. New lenses can be ordered to your new prescription and once through from the manufacturers, they can then be glazed into your frames, whilst you wait. All we need is for the frame’s condition to still be OK. We can ask our skilled Technician to take a look and advise accordingly.

Have you had an eyewear disaster?

We can often help. Call in. Our technician has a range of frame spare parts in the lab that can frequently allow a temporary repair to your specs and keep you going whilst we organise a more permanent solution.


As an independent practice we can source our spectacle frames from wherever we wish. We attend both national and international eyewear trade fairs every year looking for what’s new and trending in the world of eyewear fashion, gathering inspiration for new eyewear ranges and styles. This means we can stock a diverse and ever-evolving range, and are proud to have over 1100 prescription eyewear frames and 200 sunglasses on display in our practice. It has been known for us to track down a particular frame a TV newsreader or celebrity is wearing in order to supply a patient those ‘dream glasses’!