NHS Services

We offer a wide range of services under the NHS eyecare provison. Our goal is to ensure that individuals and families have easy access to quality, essential eye care services. Our NHS services are designed to meet the diverse needs of our community, providing essential eye examinations, optical vouchers and extended Welsh Eye Care Services.

Our NHS Services Include:

NHS Eye Examinations

To the same standard as our Private Standard Examination. Fully funded to those who are eligible (check button link).

Children’s Eye Care

We understand the importance of early eye care for children. Our Optometrists are experienced in providing NHS eye examinations for children. All those under 16 have fully funded examinations and optical vouchers. We keep a very wide range of lovely, miniature adult, trendy children’s frames. Some of these are funded, some are upgrade options.

NHS Optical Vouchers

In addition to NHS funded examinations, some people are entitled to help paying for their glasses. This is the NHS optical voucher scheme. Under this scheme we can supply a range of glasses free of charge, and claim our fees back from the Health Board. If you wish, you can choose to contribute to add to the value of the optical voucher – to get something that bit more special.

Services under the Welsh Eye-care Scheme

Our Optometrists are all accredited to provide these services. Under this scheme we can provide additional eye health investigations free of charge, investigate symptoms you may have presented to the GP with, investigate sudden onset vision problems and painful eyes.