Childrens’ clinic

Good vision is essential for your child’s learning. Children should have their eyes examined each year by an Optometrist from the age of 3-4 years.

Approximately 15% of children in the UK have undetected visual problems and yet only 7% of children aged under 5 are taken for an eye test. This means that many children with vision problems go undetected which can affect their social and educational development and in some cases lead to lifelong visual impairment.

At The Optic Shop we have many specialist ways of checking the vision and examining the eyes of children. We endeavour to make your child’s eye examinations as relaxed and fun as possible, ensuring we work at their pace.

Children rarely complain about their sight. If your child complains of headaches, eye strain or blurred vision or you have noticed that they are sitting very close to the TV, rubbing their eyes a lot, holding objects very close to the face or blinking a lot – this may be a sign of a vision problem.

If you think your child is experiencing any sort of sight problems, contact us to book an appointment today.

The earlier any problems are picked up, the better the outcome. If you have any concerns about your child’s eyes, or if there is a history of squint or lazy eye in the family, it is important that you do not wait for the vision screening at school.

Children do not have to be able to read to have their eyes examined. It is possible to see whether the child has a squint, or needs glasses, without asking them any questions, using age appropriate tests and equipments. Eye examinations do not hurt. It might be necessary to put drops into your child’s eyes so that they can be tested to see if they need glasses and the backs of the eyes are healthy. If this is the case for your child, it will be discussed with you in advance.

Children’s NHS Examination

In the UK, children under the age of 16 are entitled to a free examination under the NHS.