Contact Lenses

New to lenses?

Contact lenses have become a very popular alternative to wearing glasses.

They come in several formats, basically divided into whether they are soft or rigid (known as hard or Gas Permeable – RGP), and sub-divided into different material types, all with different attributes that suit different eyes.

  • SOFT lenses are now generally a form of disposable lens of one type or another – designed for a single use, or removed overnight and reused lasting one or two weeks, or some, for a month.
  • HARD or RGP lenses are less commonly fitted because they take a little more getting used to, but can still be a good option for certain eyes or prescriptions.

Both CL formats can correct long-sighted and short-sighted prescriptions, as well as those that have astigmatism (known as toric lenses). There are ways we can overcome the challenge of needing different prescriptions for far and near with multiple focus or combination single focus options. Our contact lens fitting process will reveal the most appropriate lens format and design, and the most suitable material for your eyes and wearing environment.

Much as many people have contact lenses as their main vision correction, many more elect to use single-use selectively as an instead-of-glasses option in certain situations. This may be for going to the gym, playing sport, numerous outdoor activities when rain might blight glasses, to stop the “wedding hat-glasses” problem, for other social situations, or simply for a change!

If you have wondered whether contact lenses might be for you in one format or another, talk to one of our team. You will need to have had a normal eye examination within the past year, and then it’s over to us. The fitting procedure takes a couple of appointment visits with the Optometrist as we need to be sure you are comfortable and able to put them in and out safely, but then you can give them a go.

For more details on the fitting process and our contact lens fees, please phone or call in.

Existing wearer?

If you currently wear contact lenses, we can be of service.

The world of contact lenses has evolved enormously over the years, with new materials, designs and formats becoming available all of the time. Contact lens manufacturers continue to innovate and improve their products and ranges – making them available in a broader range of prescriptions, looking to find solutions to discomfort, dryness, focusing or wearing-time difficulties. As an independent practice, we are not shackled to a limit of suppliers; we can deal with any, and so have numerous lens options to offer our contact lens patients. There may be a lens out there that simply feels or works better for you.

If you’re happy with your lenses and supplier, but are looking for some scheduled professional aftercare, we can help. All lens wearers should have their eyes and lenses checked over at least annually to be sure everything is as good as it can be.

For more details on aftercare options and fees, please phone or call in.